Welcome to Marblehead High School All-Sports Boosters!


Scholarships applications available online and applications due Monday April 2, 2018



Here is our group's private registration linkhttps://soma.vsyshost.com/vsys/app/BREJJWVL2WYSVKF7

Our Mission:

To support the needs of Marblehead High School's athletic teams, to enhance and promote athletic achievement and school spirit, provide athletic scholarships for deserving student-athletes, and to contribute to new ideas for athletic success.

Last Year's Scholarship Drive raised $15,000! 


The Marblehead All Sports Boosters raised nearly $15,000 last year thanks to the efforts of MHS student athletes along with the Marblehead community!   All funds raised through the Scholarship Drive go directly to scholarships. All other fundraising efforts including snack shed  and apparel sales continue to directly benefit MHS athletes through athletic programs, equipment, uniforms, trophies and awards.