Scholarship Forms

All of the following documents need to be included with your application:

Boosters Scholarship Memo 2017 (START HERE)

Checklist for the boosters application
1. Sports Participation & Community Service -List the year and level of sports participation and any community service performed, including Boosters scholarship drive.

2. Summary of Recognized Awards – There are three separate forms – one for each season. Please clearly fill out each of these forms – ideally with a colored pen and highlighted so your responses will be clear.

• Boosters Recognized Awards Fall 2016

• Boosters Recognized Awards Spring 2016 FINAL

• Boosters Recognized Awards Winter 2016 FINAL

3. Transcripts are Provided by Guidance Department at our request.
4. Coach’s Recommendation: OPTIONAL (but strongly encouraged)- This form can be printed out and delivered to the coach of your choice for completion. The coach should complete the form and return it to Mark Tarmey or Andrew O’Neill.

5. Resume OPTIONAL (but strongly encouraged)- You may choose to include a resume summarizing your experience and accomplishments – academic, athletic or otherwise. This is NOT a substitute for the requested forms, but may be helpful.